Student House

13 October 2021

Why Live in a Student House?

Living in halls is a great way to find your tribe amongst a huge pool of potential friends when you first get to University. It can also be a good introduction to living away from home, with bills often included, cleaners to keep those communal areas vaguely hygienic, and possibly catering options to mean you don’t yet have to fend for yourself in the cooking department.

However, the time will come when independence comes calling and when sharing a Prolet student house could be the preferable option.

So what are some of the advantages of living in a student house? Let’s look at 3 of the main reasons many students choose to move into a student house.

1 – Freedom

You might want the challenge of learning to cook and the freedom to define what you eat and when or to learn how to budget, pay bills and how to clean a home. After all, once your time at university is over these things become a part of everyday life. Managing your own budget and bills in a student house can also give you more freedom and ability to save money, which is high on the wish list of many students.

2 – Housemate Choice

With the independence of living in a shared student house comes the benefit of picking who you live with.

Whilst halls may introduce you to a great selection of new people, with it comes the risk of being alone in a crowd of people you don’t enjoy being with, which can make some people feel isolated.

And whilst some people enjoy the busy vibe of halls, if you like peace and quiet a student house could be a quieter choice.

3 – Expanding Your Circle

Living in a shared house can also mean you make more of an effort to get involved in new aspects of university life. Living with fewer people often encourages you to meet other people by joining groups, having nights out and choosing to expand your friendship group.


When it comes down to it, the choice to live in halls or a shared student house is down to the type of person you are. Life in a student house is the quieter and often cheaper option which allows for much more independence. Halls on the other hand provide a great environment for the more gregarious or those who want more things taken care of things for them.

We have helped hundreds of students make the transition from halls to living in a shared home. For advice or questions, however trivial they may seem don’t hesitate to call us on 01603 763363.

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