Frequently asked questions from landlords

Here are common questions posed by landlords. For additional details, feel free to reach out to our lettings team. Keep in mind that this information serves as a guide. The tenancy agreement will clearly define the legal responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.

Financial Advice for Landlords

Managing finances is crucial for landlords. Regularly reviewing your buy-to-let mortgage, landlord
insurance, and other finances ensures maximum returns on your investments. Need advice? We
recommend Broadland Consultants, with 25+ years of expertise in East Anglia. From personalised
mortgage advice to long-term financial planning, their access to the entire financial market guarantees
tailored solutions. A consultation with Broadland can optimise your finances, safeguard your assets, and
provide clarity on future financial prospects. Invest smartly; choose Broadland.

Buy-to-let Mortgages

Dive into the world of buy-to-let mortgages with Broadland Consultants Ltd. Similar to standard
mortgages, buy-to-let options differ in a few critical areas. Your borrowing limit is influenced by
anticipated rental income, and you might encounter higher fees and interest rates, considering potential
rent-free periods. Trust Broadland Consultants Ltd to guide you to the finest mortgage deals, cherry-
picked from an extensive assortment of providers. Your investment journey just got easier.

Landlord Insurance

As a property owner, safeguarding your investment goes beyond standard home insurance, especially
when tenants are involved. Traditional policies often fall short in covering the unique risks that come with
rented properties. Broadland Consultants understand these nuances. Drawing from their comprehensive
panel of insurers, they'll source an ideal policy for you – one that merges top-notch protection with
exceptional value, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Secure your property's future with Broadland