Finding tenants for your property

Our Let-Only service is perfect for experienced landlords who are comfortable managing the day-to-day relationship with their tenants. Knowing that you only need help with certain aspects of the rental process, we focus on marketing your property, carrying out viewings, taking references and agreements and collecting the initial rent and deposit. It’s a convenient package that lets you retain full control over your property, while instilling a sense of confidence that all initial setup tasks have been expertly handled.

Marketing Your Property

As a leading letting agency in Norwich, we use a comprehensive multi-platform strategy to market your property. We start with professional photography to showcase its best features. Detailed location insights then complement the visuals, providing potential tenants with a complete view of what you offer. Your property is listed on our website, a popular hub for property rentals in Norwich, as well as affiliate platforms for maximum exposure. Additionally, we engage audiences through social media and directly reach out to our (long) waiting list of prospective tenants.

Advice on your investment

Whilst we won’t be managing your property, we’re committed to advising you on enhancing its market value and maximising your returns. From suggesting minor upgrades to navigating rental regulations, our aim is to arm you with the information and guidance you need. We can help set an optimal rental rate based on current market conditions, ensuring you achieve a balance between competitive pricing and revenue generation. Knowing what tenants are looking for means we can suggest ways to increase your property’s appeal, reduce vacancy periods and increase tenant satisfaction.

References and Tenancy Agreement

Once we find a suitable tenant, we undertake a careful vetting process. This includes gathering important references from previous landlords or employers to assess the tenant’s reliability. We then draft a Tenancy Agreement, meticulously following the Housing Act 1988, to make sure both parties are legally protected.


Before the tenancy begins, we conduct a thorough inventory to assess the property’s current condition, covering everything from contents to the state of the wallpaper. This information is compiled into a ‘Schedule of Condition,’ a vital document for both property owner and tenant, aiming to minimise future disputes.

Rent and deposit

To set everything in motion, we’ll collect the first month’s rent from your new tenants, along with a damage deposit (capped at five weeks’ rent). After deducting our service fees, we’ll transfer the remaining funds to you. You’ll also get all the necessary paperwork, making property management easy for you going forward.

How much does it cost?

Our let-only service costs £780* plus an annual TDS registration fee of £48*
Additional costs include £120* to extend an agreement, £60* to serve notice to terminate, and £60* for agreement alterations.
*all inclusive of VAT and all per tenancy

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