1 May 2024

Living in the Golden Triangle of Norwich

Living in Norwich’s Golden Triangle offers a unique blend of vibrant city living and community charm. The area is renowned for its lively atmosphere and diverse population. 

According to the Sunday Times guide, Norwich consistently earns its spot among the top places to live, including the latest rankings in 2024.

It is located just west of the city centre and bordered by Earlham and Newmarket Road. What makes the Golden Triangle special is its abundance of amenities. From cosy cafes to bustling shopping spots, everything you need is nearby.

Students love living here, with plenty of student housing options within walking distance of Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) and the University of East Anglia (UEA). 

There are plenty of larger houses for families with children, and some of the best schools in Norwich are within easy reach.

What is the Golden Triangle?

Its tree-lined streets and characterful houses boast an enviable variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, and pubs, earning it the nickname ‘the Notting Hill of Norwich’.

A Fantastic mix for everyone

Every choice of food, drink and entertainment is catered for. In particular, breakfast is big news; many local pubs and cafes serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

The area has a buzz—a sentiment that is difficult to put into words—and its sense of community makes it feel like a safe place to live and play.

Every year, the Norfolk and Norwich Festival brings the community together to celebrate art and culture in Chapelfied Park.

We love the Golden Triangle.

We love it so much that we chose to work in it, too, with our offices in Swansea Road. As a result, we regularly utilise the food and drink on offer—particularly, the Green Grocers on Earlham Road for their delicious baked goods!

The area’s many great places to eat, drink, and socialise make it so special. While it’s difficult to whittle them down to a few, here is a selection of our other favourite spots.

Some Favourite Spots in the Golden Triangle

  • The Unthank Kitchen is a classic choice for a hearty breakfast after a night out. It caters to various dietary requirements. Their breakfast is fantastic and served until 2.45 p.m. at the weekends.
  • The Unthank Arms is a traditional Victorian pub with a great selection of real ales. The superb food makes booking advisable, and the garden is perfect for warmer weather.
  • The Blue Joanna caters to those who like music with their food or drink. An emphasis on Asian-style street food is enhanced with vinyl records and live music. They also have some amazing cocktails.
  • The York, which is newly reopened, is becoming the social hub of the Golden Triangle. It is notable for its inventive food, great garden, and weekly Thursday pub quiz. 

Convenient Transportation Choices

Getting around Norwich’s Golden Triangle is easy, with plenty of options to suit your needs.

Bus Routes: The area has many bus routes that run frequently, making it simple to travel around Norwich. Whether going to work, university, or exploring the city, hopping on a bus is a straightforward way to get where you need to go.

Cycling: If you prefer cycling, you’re in luck. The Golden Triangle has many bike-friendly routes and dedicated lanes, perfect for getting around while staying active.

Train Station: Need to travel further? The nearby Norwich train station connects you to major cities across the region and beyond

Airport: Planning a trip abroad? Norwich International Airport is just a short drive away, offering flights to a variety of destinations. Whether for business or pleasure, the airport makes international travel convenient.

Exploring the Surrounding Areas

Beyond the bustling streets of the Golden Triangle lies a wealth of opportunities to explore Norwich and its surrounding areas. Just a stone’s throw away, Norwich Market is one of the country’s largest and oldest outdoor markets, offering a diverse array of fresh produce, artisanal crafts, and international cuisine. 

The nearby Norfolk Broads beckons with tranquil waterways and picturesque landscapes for those craving a taste of nature. Whether you prefer leisurely boat rides, scenic walks, or birdwatching expeditions, the Broads offer endless outdoor adventure and relaxation opportunities.

History enthusiasts will delight in Norwich’s rich heritage, with its medieval architecture, historic churches, and ancient city walls. Take a stroll along the cobbled streets of Elm Hill, explore the grandeur of Norwich Cathedral, or step back in time at the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

Looking for a bit of excitement? Norwich’s thriving cultural scene boasts an eclectic mix of theatres, art galleries, and live music venues. From productions at the Theatre Royal to contemporary exhibitions at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, there’s always something happening in Norwich that sparks your interest.

Whether you’re seeking a quiet retreat in nature or an immersive cultural experience, the Golden Triangle provides the perfect base to explore all Norwich has to offer.

Looking to Rent a House in Norwich’s Golden Triangle

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