emergency procedures

8 January 2022

Prolet’s Emergency Procedures

If you are a Prolet tenant, follow our list of emergency procedures for what to do and who to call.


Lots of things can go wrong and can feel like an emergency.

However, emergencies that pose a threat to life always take priority. So if:

  • There is a fire or
  • You can smell gas

Follow the 3 step plan:


Securing the safety of those in the house comes first. Do not stop to collect items or make calls. Shut but don’t lock doors on your way out. Do not turn electric switches on or off. Do not smoke or use naked flames.


When you are clear of the property contact:

  • Gas leak – National Gas Emergency Service 0800 111 999
  • Police/fire/ambulance 999


Call 01603 763363 and speak to a member of staff during office hours, or leave a message

For Any Emergency

For any emergency, as soon as is practical, please call Katrina Harrison or Rochelle Warren on 01603 763363. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9.30am to 12pm.

Out of Hours Emergency Contacts

Prolet emergency procedures

PLEASE: Only call the emergency numbers if you have tried to rectify any problems where possible and safe to do so. This will mean that real emergencies get the priority attention needed. All contacts are for 24 hour, 7 days a week emergencies.

In an emergency, we always want to help. However, it is worth noting that tenants will be responsible for the cost of emergency call-outs if:

  • The repair is due to negligence or misuse on the part of the tenant or
  • The repair is not considered to be an emergency.

  • Emergency Electrician – Orange Fox Electrical 01362 680199
  • Emergency electricity failureUK Power Networks 0845 6014516
  • Water supply and overflowing external sewage – Anglian Water 0800 145145
  • Gas safe engineer & plumber – Gas Select 0754 0664876
  • Locksmith – Thorpe Lock and Safe 07901 544526
  • Plumber – Mark Rush 07831 673306
  • Glaziers – City Glass 01603 510437 or 07946 430735
  • Police non-emergency – 24 hours – 0845 456 4567

Additional Emergency Guidance


  • Always use the fire blanket first where provided – Report all used fire extinguishers and blankets to Prolet
  • Do not use any extinguisher for frying pan or fat fires
  • Leave the property as quickly as possible, shutting but not locking all doors


If you know where the gas supply is, turn it off – this will be either inside the property, kitchen or under the stairs or in a box on the side of the house. However, if you do smell gas don’t waste time trying to find it, if it stops you leaving the house. Find out now where your supply is now, in case you should ever need it.

Phone Prolet on 01603 763363 to advise of the situation as a follow up visit by a Gas Safe Engineer may be required. Transco may disconnect the supply for safety reasons but will not generally carry out any required repairs/leaks.


Turn off the water supply at the internal stopcock or external stopcock


If you have a power cut, please telephone EDF, your local electricity distribution company or your electricity company provider, ie, N Power, E-On, etc.

Please check that your fuse board has not tripped out.

  • The main switch may have tripped. If this is the case, please reset the fuse board.
  • The sockets may have tripped. In this case, unplug all appliances and then re-set. If this solves the problem, then you may have a faulty appliance. Please then plug in each appliance to establish the faulty one.
  • If it’s your Landlords appliance as listed in the inventory, please inform Prolet at the earliest convenient time.

Common Faults and Repairs



If you have a pilot light please ensure this is alight and has not blown out. There should be instructions on the boiler on how to reset and relight the boiler. Alternatively, you may have an instruction booklet. If none of these are available, type ‘how to reset by (MAKE:MODEL) boiler’ into your search engine.

Ensure all radiator valves are switched on, and thermostats turned up if the radiators do not appear to be heating up. Do not attempt anything other than re-setting/re-lighting the pilot. Please ensure also that the boiler isolation on/off switch has not accidentally been switched off.

For all other boiler maintenance or repairs during office hours, please contact Prolet on 01603 763363

Washing machines

If washing machines are not finishing the cycle or draining, please check the filter is not blocked. The most common problem with washing machines is blocked filters, which is an easy fix.

Filters are usually easy to find. This can be an obvious front filter, or in the case of a fitted machine, they might be hidden behind the kick-strip at the front. If you are struggling to lockage the filter, put ‘how to find the filter on my (Make:Model) washing machine’ into your search engine.

Blocked kitchen and bathroom drains

Please check there are no obvious blockages, food debris down kitchen sinks or hair blocking bath and shower wastes by using products such as drain cleaners or a plunger. Sometimes running boiling water down the drain can help to clear a minor blockage.

Pest control – Norwich City Council 0344 9803333

Please report any pest issues to Prolet immediately, as they can lead to escalating problems.

It’s worth noting that charges may be passed back to tenants if pest issues or infestation is down to tenant negligence. This could be as the result of overflowing bins or not cleaning the property thoroughly and regularly.