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2 April 2024

The Benefits of All-Inclusive Student Bills Packages

Are you anxious about transitioning from university halls to living in a student house for the first time? Let’s delve into the practical advantages of all-inclusive bill packages and how they can ease this transition, particularly for students in Norwich. 

These packages offer convenience and peace of mind, providing a straightforward solution to managing your finances and improving your student living experience as you navigate this new chapter, regardless of whether you’re enrolled at the University of East Anglia or Norwich University of the Arts.

Simplifying Student Budgets:

Managing your finances as a student can be tough, but all-inclusive bill packages can help. By bundling up your gas, electricity, water, internet, and sometimes even TV into one easy payment, these packages make it much simpler to keep track of your expenses. Spend less time worrying about bills and more time focusing on your studies and social life.

No Surprises:

With an all-inclusive package, you won’t get any surprise bills at the end of the month. Use your utilities whenever you need them throughout the year without worrying about going over any limits. This means you can budget more accurately and avoid any unexpected costs.

Support When You Need It:

Navigating the world of utilities can be confusing, especially if you’re renting for the first time. That’s why bill-inclusive packages often have dedicated support teams to assist you. Whether you have questions about your bills, need assistance setting-up services, or encounter any issues with your utilities, this support ensures you can focus on your studies and enjoy your university experience without the stress of utility-related concerns.

Keeping the Peace:

With all-inclusive bill packages, there’s less chance of arguments with your housemates over who owes what. Everyone chips in for their share of the bills included in the package, so there’s no need for one person to handle everything. This creates a happier living environment where you can get along and enjoy your time together.

More Time for Fun:

University is more than just studying—it’s also about making friends, trying new things, and enjoying yourself. With bill-inclusive packages, your utilities are taken care of, giving you more time to focus on what matters. Spend less time stressing about bills and more time having fun!

Understanding the Difference:

It’s essential to distinguish between “bills included” rent and all-inclusive bill packages. While both options cover utility expenses, there are significant differences in the way they work.

Bills Included Rent

The landlord includes utility costs in the monthly rent payment with this option. However, the landlord typically retains control over utility accounts, and tenants may not have visibility into individual usage or billing details. While convenient, this arrangement may lack transparency and lead to usage disputes.

All-Inclusive Bill Packages

In contrast, all-inclusive bill packages give tenants more control and transparency over utility usage and payments. Tenants are often responsible for their share of the chosen bill package. This arrangement encourages equality among housemates and reduces the potential for disagreements over bill payments.

In Partnership with UniHomes:

Our all-inclusive bill packages are made possible through our partnership with UniHomes. With their  plan, you won’t have to worry about using more energy in the winter than in the summer. It’s flexible and easy to use to enjoy a comfortable living space all year round without any unexpected charges.

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