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It’s SAFEagent Awareness Week!

SAFEagent week 2017

This week celebrates SAFEagent awareness week, which as a registered SAFEagent, we are proud to be a part of.

What is a SAFEagent?

It is a mark denoting firms that protect landlords and tenants money through a Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme. This is a scheme that reimburses consumers in the event of misappropriation of clients’ funds.

SAFE = Safe Agent Fully Endorsed. 

What is SAFEagent Awareness Week?

The week is all about highlighting protection for both tenants and landlords in the private rented sector. It champions fighting back against rogue agents and flying the flag for professional standards and peace of mind for consumers.

It is a week of activity to raise awareness of using an agent who is part of a Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme. It also reminds consumers that their finances are at risk if their chosen agent does not have client money protection in place.

This year’s campaign is run with the good news that, in March 2017, the Government announced that it intends to make CMP mandatory for all letting agents.

SAFEagent said it is delighted that the campaign has finally achieved its goal of mandatory CMP. However, it is not yet law, so consumers need to do their own research.

In a statement it said: “This still leaves consumers at risk if their chosen agent does not have Client Money Protection.

“Unfortunately there are still too many cases of criminal letting agents stealing landlord and tenant cash.

“This is why agents taking part in SAFEagent Awareness Week will be reminding consumers of the importance of using an agent who is part of a regulatory organisation, which provides CMP.”

The campaign also highlights that SAFEagents have already voluntarily committed to professional standards and are therefore ahead of the game!

For more information see the benefits for landlords & tenants of renting or letting through a registered SAFEagent.

Most importantly, when finding an agent make sure you look for the SAFEagent logo!


It’s SAFEagent Awareness Week!

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